If there is ever a doubt that there is plenty of room in any crowded market or any doubt that re purposing content or presenting content in an easily digestible way isn’t effective take note.  

Dave Ramsey launched his debt free empire in 1992 when he published Financial Peace. Ramsey developed a simple or easy to understand process for becoming debt free and building wealth. Pay off debt, save money, make saved money work for you (sound investments) and build wealth slowly. People could consume his advice easily and see the benefit of following his process. But these tips are not new. If you have ever picked up a copy of The Richest Man in Babylon a book written by George Samuel Clauson, every step in Dave Ramsey’s process is written out as the Rules of Gold.

The content isn’t new, but presenting it in a different and easy to digest way was new, and Ramsey built a million dollar empire on it. 

Also read The Richest Man in Babylon it is that good.