2016 is off to a roaring start. The team is heading to Puerto Vallarta for some sun, fun and of course working on location. We are continuing our service based work which is focused mainly on website design and training and social media management. BUT this year we are spending time, money and energy on engaging with our audience by being a key resource for website design and building a base for passive income. 

Passive income usually means putting a lot of energy up front in creating a product that can then live on and continue to earn money after the lion's share of the work is done.

There are also less intensive means for passive income and some we should have been utilizing from the beginning. I am sure everyone has heard of affiliate programs. The general idea is that the parent company offers a kickback for promoting their products or services. We have always shied away from these programs, some people and companies promote any and every affiliate link, while I am not against anyone trying to make a buck, it just always felt ingenious.

Until I saw affiliate sales done the right way. As professionals and entrepreneurs there are products that we use every day and we love these products, we have tested them through working and traveling and we would tell everyone we met about my 

or my

There are also services we use to build websites like WIX or manage and send emails like AWeber. Disclaimer (and exciting news) those are all affiliate links!

We are always talking about these products and services and we could get a kick back for it. These are our first steps into affiliate marketing and passive income and we will let you know how it goes!