Your website is live and now it is time to hit that grind of creating blog posts. Below is a step by step tutorial for updating the Alex template on Squarespace.

1. Click Pages

2. Click Blog

Note updates are made to the Blog page in the NOT LINKED section. Which updates automatically to the live blog page. It was done this way to have more control over the layout of the live blog page. I wanted to create a 2 column blog page which this template didn't offer so it was a nice work around.

3. Click the Plus Sign

4. Add Title and blog content

This is where you are building the blog post at. First you will notice a spot for a Title and a Text Block within the blog post.

5. Add images

Blog posts are built out of BLOCKS. Text blocks, Image blocks, Video blocks, Gallery blocks and so on. To access the Blocks panels hover over the teardrop located in the bottom left corner of any current block.

6. Choose block - Click Image

7. Drag and drop or click and locate to upload desired image.

8. Add next block

Once your image uploads, hover over the bottom left corner of the last block to place your new block.

9. Resize Image

Once an image is placed hover over the bottom of the image until the "Resize" cursor pops up.

10. Click Publish to make it live - OR -  Click save to come back to it later.