I work with a lot of not-for-profits and staying on a budget is always top of mind. One of my favorite groups to work with is the South Bend Roller Girls. What’s not to love? It is a fast moving, full contact sport, full of women pushing themselves and each other.


I wanted to produce promotional videos for their upcoming last bout of the season and I wanted to do it in a way that anyone can achieve professional looking results.


Here is my process:

1.       Record short snippets of live action. I wanted to slow down a derby bout and focus each 15 second video on ONE thing that was happening.

2.       Review videos: Delete footage with no focused action happening and note videos that have something awesome to focus on (ie: a big hit or a sweet spin move from a jammer).

3.       Video Editing App: I use KineMaster Pro App. The main features about the app that I love is, the ability to edit color (enhance, saturate or take all color away), the ability to splice together media (other videos or still images) and the ability to slow down the play time (SlowMo). The downfalls, it cannot zoom and it is subscription based so it is $5.99 per month.

4.       Style: I wanted to create one style and each video would fall into that style and create a recognizable “family” of videos. I slowed down the play action bringing focus to the one important and awesome thing that was happening. I desaturated the videos, lighting and colors inside of a skating rink can be distracting and seem childish, to give the impression of bad ass sports league I wanted to get rid of those distracting factors.

5.       Closing Screen: I made my closing screen in Photoshop (which can be downloaded for free on a trail bases) or using free photo editing apps like Pronto that allow you to ad text over images. I wanted to end with the message, the important thing was to spread awareness of the last bout, so each video ends with the date of the last home bout.

6.       Music: Download Music Free app allows you to download music clips that work well with the KineMaster video editing app.


After a style was created that I liked it was pretty easy to produce a number of videos quickly for use on social media platforms. Hope this helped and if there are any questions leave em’ in the comments below.