I have never thought of myself as a writer, so when New York Times Best Selling Author Erin Morgenstern came to South Bend to host a writing clinic, I couldn't resist. By I couldn't resist, I mean, I was terrified, I hemmed and hawed and talked myself into and then out of it no less than 10 times. The day of the workshop came up and I couldn't turn down a once in a life time chance to learn from that caliber of writer.

The workshop was short but amazing. We had a vintage photograph that we created a short 10 sentence micro-story about. Based off of the authors blog series Flax-Golden Tales. Erin encouraged us to just keep writing, don't count sentence, don't pause to over think the plot, let the first draft be what is. On the second draft we picked out the most interesting part of the writing and started the story from there. Erin stressed that it is not always the whole writing or maybe any part of the first draft you produce, but maybe all of that work is to get you the best part of your story.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, i'm still not the best writer, but I learned so much about myself and getting uncomfortable.