Well not THAT closet. To cut to the chase, Jen and I started a second business, well let's call it a project, in early September and it is going well! For the long story keep reading!

Over dinner, sometime in August, Jennifer and I were talking shop. We had been running Locally Marketed for 6 months and things were (and are) going great. In fact, things were so great we were incredibly busy, all of the time. While eating we started brainstorming businesses that would be less hands-on. For example, a digital product that would involve lots of work up front, but less once the product is launched OR some kind of affiliate marketing (selling other people's products). As dinner wore on we decided something fun and uplifting would be nice! What a treat to be a part of something funny and positive. We also kept in mind that something that did not depend on a certain location or a ton of space, that's not asking to much right?

Out of that dinner, 'You Are the Tits' was born. The idea is simple: tell someone you like that they are THE TITS, by mailing them a bag of gummy boobs. This could be a friend, co-worker, brother, or derby sister. A custom message is included, and the entire package can be sent anonymously or not. In the same fashion as ShipABagOfDicks.com, but nicer.

We didn’t want this to be one of those bar room ideas that never got off the ground. We all have those right? Chatting over beers, discussimg products and apps that would be THE BEST, but nothing ever comes of it. We cleared our calendar and set the goal of launching the entire business in one weekend. Inspired by Dan Scalco’s article 7 Steps for Launching Your Business This Weekend.

The first weekend in September was it! Jen researched and ordered products and materials, and I got to work on the website and social media. One challenging, and awkward, part came when trying to find gummy boobs that weekend (everyone says that once in their life right?), we needed the product for photos on the site. We tracked down two boxes at a lingerie shop (the awkward continues) and bought their entire stock. With all other materials on the way, the website was live and the shop was connected by 8PM Sunday evening.

We had done it.

My brother placed the honorary first order, and it has been rolling ever since. More than anything it showed Jen and I, who are new to the entrepreneur world, that we really can accomplish any crazy idea we have.  

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