I am working in Alex template on Squarespace. I will be covering. 
1. How to edit galleries in a blog
2. Cover 2 different ways to size or ad space around an image
3. How to add your subscribe box

Edit Galleries in Blog

1. Get into your current blog post and scroll to the gallery you want to edit, hover over the top of the gallery block, an edit box will pop up, click edit.

2. Below is the gallery management box, each image will have a settings (the gear), and edit (the pencil), and a delete button (the trash can). To add an image simply drag and drop into the gallery edit box.

Displaying Images

Option 1: Resize the height after placing the image

Below is a quick reminder on adding an image. 
1. Add a block
2. Choose image
3. Drag and drop your image

after clinking apply, hover over the bottom of the newly placed image to re-size the height.

Option 2: Add white space to the side of images

The spacer will fill in above the photo, grab the spacer block and move it to the side of the image. Not the black bar is indicating where the spacer will go, make sure you have it lined up with just the image (fig 1)  and not the block above or below the image block (fig 2)

Hover over the middle of both blocks to adjust the size of the spacer.

Repeat for the other side.

3. Adding a subscription box to your blog posts

1. Add a new block, scroll down to Newsletter

2. Customize the verbiage in your subscribe box and click STORAGE in the upper right hand corner.

3. Connect your MailChimp account and you are ready to roll!

Thanks so much for following along, if you have specific question feel free to ask and I can answer in the next blog post!