1. Click drop down arrow and click New Calender

2. Title the calendar and check the box to make it a public calendar

If you forget to make it public the calendar won't be view-able once it is on the site. 

3. Double click the date for the first repetitive event

Make sure only the new calendar is showing by clicking off of all of your other calender's on the left hand side. 

4. In event: Title event, choose start time, click below the time to make the event repeat

In the repeat box you will have the chance to set how often the event repeats, then click save.

5. You will see the even populate, rinse and repeat until all events are populated

6. To customize the look of the calendar click on drop down and click settings.

7. In settings window double click the new calendar you just created

8. Click customize 

9. Clean up the look of the calendar and copy the HTML code

I like the cleanest look possible, so uncheck Title, Navigation buttons, Print Icon, Tabs and calendar list. Set the size to 900 x 700. Lastly Copy and Paste the code and place it in a code block on Squarespace.