It started with Quiche. 

It ended with mediation. Let me explain. Per a friends suggestion I made a crust-less quiche that would last for a full week of breakfasts. On morning 1 of warming up quiche, instead of making a full breakfast, I found myself with 15/20 extra minutes in the morning. This was my chance. Before the dogs were up and barking, and before the competition for the bathroom to get ready for work, I had time to meditate.

I started small/easy. With simple success oriented, or calming focused meditations.
I used a combination of: NATALIE MACNEIL from She Takes on The World,
Huffington Post's collection of relaxing meditations here,
 and a mediation from Liz Nierzwicki of

It was 5-10 minutes a day and it made all of the difference. 

Try a little quiche and mediation to have the most productive week!