Social media management has become an added task to existing job titles like: administrative assistant, receptionist and marketing coordinator to name a few.

Social media is a never-ending endeavor. Facebook pages are expected. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are not far behind. Social media is a free tool, but the time and effort put into it can be extensive. So define a strategy best utilizing time, and building an engaged fan base.
Content structure should consist of information, interaction and promotion. Only posting things your company has going on is a pretty easy trench to fall into. For every self-promoting topic, find a non-self-promoting article on a topic your fan base will find interesting. You can also create a light-hearted post encouraging reader-engagement. It is a rule of thirds: only talk about yourself once every three posts.


As part of your engagement strategy, while hunting for content, keep in mind you should give more than you ask. Be informative, personal, funny, interesting, sincere and topical. “Giving” can mean writing a blog about your area of interest, finding topical national articles, staying in touch with local news on your topic, posting a comic or e-card, or wishing readers a happy holiday. Giving can even be wishing your employees a happy birthday, because even though it is a post about your company, you aren’t asking your fan base for anything.
After all of this “giving” and interacting, when it comes time for you to promote your fundraiser or event, your “ask” will be well received.

Tips for content hunting:
1. On Facebook, follow national brands posting original
content on your topic to find informative articles. For
business-related pages, you could take a look at Mashable or Inc.
2. Follow your local news to stay topical.
3. Set a Google notification for any keywords on your topic, so
alerts are sent directly to your inbox.
4. Follow e-cards, inspirational quotes, and days of the year forlight-hearted content.
With content streams coming to you, you won’t have to spend time aimlessly wandering the Internet, wondering what to post.

Management tips:
1. Schedule everything you can in advance: articles, holidays and employee birthdays.
2. Set up times of the day to interact on social media. When that time is up, close the program.
3. Define your strategy before creating or continuing any social media feed.
4. Adding images to your posts increases engagement. Often
vintage photos are public domain.