Tsu (the T is silent) is a new social platform focused on giving back to the users that create value within the network. Ask yourself why you get on Facebook on a daily, or even hourly, basis. It isn't to catch up on what Facebook is doing. It is to see what your friends are up to, what is going on in your neighborhood, or to scan for interesting information (depending on the companies you follow). 

So why are we giving all of the credit to Facebook when the users are the ones creating value? Tsu gives 90% of its revenue back to the content creators. No need to stress about what is considered content. This is not just a platform for artists or bloggers. Content is the cute puppy photos, or your camping trip photos that you post. That is the content your friends are there to see, so that is what is creating value (note bloggers and artists are just as welcome).

So I gave Tsu a try. A week in and I earned a whopping 5 cents, but that's not that point. The system works a lot like Facebook, with a couple of better qualities like photo editing in the application. All in all, I really love the platform. It is intuitive in operation, without the clutter of ads, AND knowing that 90% of the revenue is going back to the content creators makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, check Tsu out, follow me, and let's build a community.