Adding value to a customer base can easily take the appearance of cost reducing productions that are provided. So if your company is in solar energy it is a quick road to making coupons to insert and retain a customer base. Discount your product to a certain customer and that will increase interest and hopefully revenue. But adding value seems to be taken very literally within organizations. It is a value to the customer because they now get 10% off a Standard Solar Panel Assembly Kit quickly followed by the value of this discount, Valued at $250, so the customers knows they are getting offered at $250 Value. That is taking offering a client value in its most literal sense. This process has its place but with repeated too often does it de-value the product. Like Kohls department store for example. They are coupon crazy! Kohls department store in my mind always has great discounted clothing in store BUT I also know that they offer 15%, 20%, and 30% off coupons ALL THE TIME. So at this point I will not go into Kohls without a discount coupon. The coupon is no longer driving me there (even if i wasn't planning on going, which is the original hope) but now I wait to shop at Kohls until I have a better discount. Kohls products are only hold value to me at a 30% discount.

So back to solar panels you can create value for the customer in other ways. You believe in your product and that what you have can be valuable to a customer so go with that. Pay for ad space in the newspaper and instead of designing a splash ad with colors and discounts write and article about energy independence that comes with solar panels or cost saving benefits of solar panels or 10 Easy Ways to reduce your Energy Bill. So the bottom line is to ad value to your product don’t discount it, invest in the idea and promote value by adding value to the product.